player-3.0.1/examples/libplayerc++/ does not work! (Ubuntu 9.10)

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player-3.0.1/examples/libplayerc++/ does not work! (Ubuntu 9.10)

Hyon Lim
Install was successful.

And I can run "laserobstacleavoid" example in

However, when I run goto example with compile

$ g++ -o goto `pkg-config --cflags playerc++` `pkg-config --libs

robot does not move.

My player cfg file is

# load the Stage plugin simulation driver
  name "stage"
  provides [ "simulation:0" ]
  plugin "stageplugin"

  # load the named file into the simulator
  worldfile ""

# Create a Stage driver and attach position2d and laser interfaces
# to the model "r0"
  name "stage"
  #provides [ "position2d:0" "laser:0" "speech:0" "graphics2d:0"
"graphics3d:0" ]
  provides [ "position2d:0" "sonar:0" "graphics2d:0" "graphics3d:0" ]
  model "r0"

I changed from "laser:0" to "sonar:0" for running "goto" example.

I inserted several "cout" for debugging.

position_goto(player_pose2d_t target)
  using namespace PlayerCc;

  double dist, angle;
  std::cout << "hi" << std::endl;
  std::cout << pp->GetXPos() << std::endl;

  dist = sqrt((target.px - pp->GetXPos())*
              (target.px - pp->GetXPos()) +
              ( - pp->GetYPos())*
              ( - pp->GetYPos()));

  angle = atan2( - pp->GetYPos(),
                target.px - pp->GetXPos());

  double newturnrate = 0;
  double newspeed = 0;

  std::cout << "hi2" << std::endl;

I can find "hi" but I cannot find "hi2".

This means that routine is stucked in computation of dist and angle

Do you have any ideas for this problem?

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