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no collision with heightmap

harald horus


I'm trying to use a heightmap with the attached world file. The problem is that neither the laser-rangefinder nor the robot collides with the heightmap. If I remove the ground plane, the robot falls through the floor. Interestingly enough the robot does collide with an invisible wall which goes along what I think is the y-axis.

I've used the latest svn version (7289) of gazebo and I'm using fedora 9 with player-2.1.1-5.fc9.x86_64, ogre-v1-6-0, ode-0.10.1.

The worldfile and a screenshot (showing the effect of the "invisible" wall) are attached.

I'd be happy to help debug, but as I am new to gazebo, being "kick-started" in the right direction would be greatly appreciated ;-)



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