libgazebo segmentation fault in std::_Rb_tree*

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libgazebo segmentation fault in std::_Rb_tree*


I was installed Gazebo 0.10 from sources on Kubuntu 11.10 x64, and got strange segfault on static objects initialization (before main()).

Used libraries:
GDB backtrace:
ltrace output:

App failed here (gazebo-0.10.0/libgazebo/, static method):

    using namespace gazebo;

    std::map<std::string, IfaceFactoryFn> IfaceFactory::ifaces;

    // Register a iface class.  Use by dynamically loaded modules
    void IfaceFactory::RegisterIface(std::string classname, IfaceFactoryFn factoryfn)
      ifaces[classname] = factoryfn; // segfault in std::_Rb_tree_decrement(..)

Passed arguments are okay, stack is not overflowed.

Also look at valgrind output: "Address 0x8 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd" - looks like invalid pointer, but arguments passed into std::map are correct, and multithreading problems here is not possible, because initialization of static members is performed in a single thread (obviously).

Used dependencies: bullet-2.79, fltk-1.1.10, ode-0.11.1, openal-soft-1.13, player-3.0.2, ogre-1.7.3;

What is my problem?
Thanks in advance.