interaction between gazebo, player, and playerv

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interaction between gazebo, player, and playerv

Jason Allen-5

I've made some changes to a worldfile and player configuration  
packaged with gazebo.  When I run gazebo <worldfile>, player  
<configuration>, and playerv --position2d:0, everything is fine until  
I enable the position2d:0 device in playerv.  Then, the model of the  
pioneer2dx bounces into the air and "drives" away, uncontrollable.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

The worldfile and configuration file are attached, below.

J. C. Allen

<?xml version="1.0"?>

#physics" >


     <gravity>0 0 -9.8</gravity>

     <!-- updateRate: <0 == throttle simTime to match realTime.
                       0 == No throttling
                      >0 == Frequency at which to throttle the sim -->

     <size>800 600</size>
     <pos>0 0</pos>

     <ambient>1 1 1 1</ambient>

    <!-- Ground Plane -->
    <model:physical name="plane1_model">
     <xyz>0 0 0</xyz>
     <rpy>0 0 0</rpy>

     <body:plane name="plane1_body">
       <geom:plane name="plane1_geom">
         <normal>0 0 1</normal>
         <size>100 100</size>
         <segments>10 10</segments>
         <uvTile>100 100</uvTile>
#        <mu1>1.0</mu1>
#        <mu2>1.0</mu2>

   <model:physical name="robot">
     <xyz>-0 0 0.2</xyz>
     <rpy>0 0 -10</rpy>
     <model:physical name="laser">
         <xyz>0 0 0.145</xyz>
         <rpy>0.0 0.0 0.0</rpy>
       <include embedded="true">
         <xi:include href="models/sicklms200.model"/>
     <include embedded="true">
       <xi:include href="models/pioneer2dx.model"/>


# Date: 08 January 2009

   name "gazebo"
   provides ["simulation:0"]
   plugin "libgazeboplugin"
   server_id "default"

   name "gazebo"
   provides ["position2d:0"]
   gz_id "robot::position_iface_0"

   name "sicklms200"
   provides ["laser:0"]
   gz_id "robot::laser_iface_0"

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