--enable-wheelchair not enabling wheelchair [was Re: --disable-clodbuster not disabling clodbuster]

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--enable-wheelchair not enabling wheelchair [was Re: --disable-clodbuster not disabling clodbuster]

Mr Allwyn Fernandes
Sorry to rehash such an old thread, but it seems that I've created a bug on
one side, while trying to fix one on the other...

On Tuesday 15 March 2005 07:21, Mr Allwyn Fernandes wrote:
> That's a fun bug you've caught there - --disable actually ENABLES the model
> in question... That's true for all drivers - try --disable-wheelchair
> (which defaults to disabled) to enable the wheelchair model.

And now, --enable-wheelchair and --disable-wheelchair both have no effect! :-)

> The problem is that the $enable_name_lcase in configure is not being reset
> between calls to test for models.

The fix was to reset $enable_name_lcase to "no" between tests; this, however,
assumes that all unspecified tests are enabled, and wanting to be disabled.
The proper fix resets the variable to either "yes" or "no" depending on what
the default for that model is.

Alternately, one can use (e.g.) $enable_wheelchair  as the toggle flag, which
is the way things were done until the original bug was introduced; that
happened when $enable_$1 (which mapped to $enable_WheelChair) was changed to
$enable_name_lcase. I suspect that the intention was to change it to
$[enable_]name_lcase, which Autoconf maps to $enable_wheelchair.

(Disclaimer: I don't think any sane person can claim to fully understand
autotools - if I've missed something somewhere, please feel free to point it

I've created a bug for this, and submitted the patches which fix it there.

I don't think this directly affects anyone at the moment, since no-one has
reported it in the four months since release, but it might be important for
anyone testing things...


Allwyn Fernandes
Monash University
School of Applied Sciences and Engineering, Gippsland

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