Segfault subscribing the camera interface

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Segfault subscribing the camera interface

I'm using Gazebo svn 8612 with Player 3.0.1, Ogre 1.7.0 on ubuntu 9.10 64
bit version. All run well until, using playerv, I subscribe the camera
interface causing a segfault in gazebo. This is the output of gazebo debug
"gdb gazebo" after subscribing of the camera interface in Playerv

Gazebo successfully initialized
[New Thread 0x7fffe51b7910 (LWP 11321)]
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 0x7fffe51b7910 (LWP 11321)]
0x00007ffff49fedf8 in gazebo::OgreCamera::GetVFOV() const () from

the problem seems caused by GetVFOV() function in line
131, but I am not able to solve it

This is a piece of the world file:

<model:physical name="pioneer2dx_model1">
    <xyz>0 0 0.145</xyz>
    <rpy>0.0 0.0 0.0</rpy>
    <model:physical name="sonyvid30_model">
      <xyz>0.15 0 0.09</xyz>
      <include embedded="true">
        <xi:include href="models/sonyvid30.model" />
    <include embedded="true">
      <xi:include href="models/pioneer2dx.model" />

and here there is a piece of config file of player:

  name "gazebo"
  provides ["simulation:0"]
  plugin "libgazeboplugin"
  server_id "default"

  name "gazebo"
  provides ["position2d:0"]
  gz_id "pioneer2dx_model1::position_iface_0"

   name "gazebo"
   provides ["camera:0"]
   gz_id "pioneer2dx_model1::sonyvid30_model::camera_iface_0"

Same problems appear on 2 notebooks (one with ati video card and one with
any advise ?

Thanks in advance
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