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[SPAM] US Brand PCB local supplier 75% off

Synergise PCB Inc.-2
Synergice PCB Inc. Promotions
We are a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of specialized high precision, high density,
high reliability printed circuit boards (PCBs). We have established our company in 2002 with
a firm commitment to match the international standards in the designing and manufacturing of PCBs.

I am not interested in PCB, please remove me

We can proudly say that we have achieved many milestones in our area of activity of CAD
designing services, circuit design services, printed circuit board design services, printed
circuit board manufacturing services, printed circuit board layout services.

If you are interested in this product please write back to us at [hidden email]
or call us on (1) 847-219-6294, we would be happy to contact you as soon as possible. learn more

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