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[SPAM] ⏰ FINAL HOURS! Give our 30 day no cost trial a spin!



This time I am reaching out to you regarding a special service that you would not want to miss out on. It’s about our new offering OrbITPeople Services - Try before you buy".

In today’s IT market, everything is a commodity and we all have numerous options to choose from. So how do we know what is best suited for us and what our company needs without trying?

"We “Don’t”...... right ?

We @ Orb’IT People want our customers to have the options to choose wherever they can without making a prior commitment of any sort. Because we are confident that the benefits you gain out of this will stop you from looking any further, we are offering new customers multiple options to Try before they buy any of the services viz. Application, Database or Cloud Managed Support Services (MSS).

This can be offered in multiple options, which could be setup in different ways based upon the size of the support team needed like,

  • It could be a pilot of services and a capabilities check to ensure that the OrbIT team is up to the mark on metrics like quality, cost, responsiveness etc. in case of a large support.
  • In case of smaller and mid size companies they should be able to sign up for a “Free Trial” for a month* to get a feel of the support quality and team.
  • In addition, for customers who are on a managed services engagement with someone else they should be able to try another vendor’s services before switching if they are dissatisfied with the current provider. This could provide a reality check to the current vendor if not anything else!

Give it a shot ...there is no harm trying

I’ll try you again next week may be in the first half of the day, just to follow up on the same. Please feel free to reach me whenever works best for or drop me an email with any questions.


Ashish Dayal Managing Partner,
OrbITPeople & Analytos Inc.

+1 (214) 687 2741 (US) | +91 9930064343 (Ind) | [hidden email] | www.orbitpeople.com | Skype: iamashish | [hidden email] | [hidden email]


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