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Brian Gerkey

On Aug 31, 2005, at 8:10 PM, Steffen Jaensch wrote:

> I'm using the vfh driver for local navigation where I select a goal
> depending on the current laser range readings.

You don't need to reset the odometry for this to work.  Just transform
your goal into the robot's odometric frame.  Something like:

- Pick a goal (lx,ly) in the laser's frame
- Transform (lx,ly) to (rx,ry) in the robot's frame, using the laser's
offset (not stricly necessary if the laser's and robot's origins are
the same)
- Transform (rx,ry) to (gx,gy) in the odometric frame, using the
current odometry reading.

Then send (gx,gy) to vfh and everything should work great (modulo noise
in the odometry system that you'll see with a real robot).


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