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Problem with Turnrate selection


Hello Everyone,


I am using playerstage for mobile robot navigation and path planning. I am confused with what "Turnrate" means in SetSpeed(speed, turnrate) function. What I have conceived so far is that if I want to move my robot from (-114,25) to (-110,30) in the stage window and my robot speed is 5 than I will calculate euclidean distance between these two points i.e 6.4. So total time robot will take to reach destination point will be 5/6.4=0.78 and change of angle from initial point to destination will be atan((30-25)/(-110- (-114))) and than convert to radians.

I calculate the turnrate by dividing this angle with time calculated.
When I use this turnrate in simulation I noticed that robot moves mush faster in X direction and exceeds -110 coordinates whereas Y coordinates changes slightly to new value of about 26 whereas i was expecting it to be 30.
please help me to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance.      
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