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Player 3.1.0 Released

Rich Mattes-2
I'm happy to announce the release of Player 3.1.0.  This release
contains a number of bugfixes and new features since the Player 3.0.2
release in 2010.  It's also the first Player release to be hosted on
GitHub, as the migration of the project continues from its old home at

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed bug reports, fixes,
enhancements, and documentation over the course of the release.

The release announcement and code are available at



Brian Gerkey (3):
       Removed ARNL parameters, which were accidentally included.
       dummy change, to check hudson
       swapped include ordering to fix build on OSX

Geoffrey Biggs (25):
       Post-release version bump
       Applied patch #2836953: grid map driver
       Applied patch #2839064: New Swissranger driver
       Applied patch #2844290: New rangerposeinterpolator driver
       Applied patch #2847168: core: nanosleep instead of usleep
       Applied patch #2847832: Extended map interface
       Applied patch #2851088: New dio interface driver
       Applied patch #2861887: Added checks for non-existent policies.
       Fixes for compiling on Windows, part 1
       Fixes for compiling on Windows, part 2: Make it work with
       Fixed XSensMT. Fixed incorrect checking of pkg-config versions.
       Updated changelog for release 3.0.1
       Fixed typo in flexiport pkg-config version spec
       Applied patch #2993776: WIN32 compilation issues patch
       Applied patch #2997935: zero sized requests once again
       Applied patch #3007996: Strings created by EncodeHex are not
       Applied patch #3008884: Exception in C++ examples catched by
value, not by reference
       Applied patch #2916187: Python bindings for libplayerc++ build fixup
       Fixed bug #3013281: simulation->GetProperty bug
       Fixed spelling error
       Corrected name of driver register function
       Updated to 2.0 api
       Reverted munged commit 8982
       Upgraded hokuyo_aist to 2.0 API
       Updated Flexiport and HokuyoAIST drivers to use new libraries

Kevin Nickels (1):
       Added line to allow python to use pointers (cr. stefano franchi)

Nate Koenig (1):
       Removed some build warnings

Rich (1):
       Merge pull request #5 from NickelsLab/master

Rich Mattes (170):
       Applied patch 3010358: Player SVN trunk: small improvements for
camera drivers
       Applied patch 3018514: Localize interface visualization in playerv
       Applied patch 3019070: Faster map rendering in playerv
       Updated ChangeLog for 3.0.2 release
       Fixed header detection for linuxwifi driver
       Fixed bug that prevented server from printing driver list when
compiled in Release mode
       Applied patch #3025619: Player SVN trunk: compatibility patch
       Fixed bug #2990684: Player 3.0.1 Festival driver fails
       Fixed bug #3006544: Driver Mapfile load the image incorrectly
       Applied patch #2948822: hemisson driver
       Applied patch #3014384: camera1394: corrected documentation, use
libdc1394s debayer
       Applied patch #3027374: Player SVN: camera1394 libdc1394-1
compatibility restored
       Applied patch #3029974: Player SVN: extended camera interface
       Applied patch #3034305: Player SVN: more camera fixes
       Applied patch #3035834: Fix laserbar driver
       Applied patch #3035844: Add basic intensity reporting for
sicks3000 driver
       Applied patch #3016030: Multiline Drawing for Player and Stage
       Applied patch #3037148: Player: Fix allocation bug in
fakelocalize driver
       Applied patch #3040302: Canon Powershot driver and other fixes
       Added configurable library install dir suffix to override
architecture detection
       Lots of documentation fixes
       Applied patch #3040823: huge improvements in camerav4l2 driver
       Applied patch 3043948: New Pioneer parameters (including Seekur
and Seekur Jr.)
       Applied patch #3043954: fixes for saphconv (for reading Pioneer
       Applied patch #3044485: Player SVN: camerav4l2 again
       Applied patch #3046846: Corrects localize interface to full
covariance matrix
       Applied patch #3048122: Player SVN: Maemo Linux compat. patch for
camera drivers
       Applied patch #3055165: Player SVN: request forwarding for imgcmp
and imgsave
       Applied patch #3046090: Some more WIN32 compilation issues, made
modificatons to fix other compile errors
       Applied patch #3057363: [Player driver]Movirobotic's mBase robot
       Applied patch #3070111: Player SVN: missing comment in def
resulted in error in docs
       Applied patch #3043954: fixes for saphconv (for reading Pioneer
parameters) (take 2)
       Applied patch #3073263: Updated amtecM5 for compilation with gcc
       Re-enable "laserfeature" driver and update documentation section
       Fixed bug 3027542: Phidget drivers 2.1.7
       Allow CMake 2.6 boost checking routines to be used in CMake 2.8
       Fix conditional boost search to maintain compatibility with CMake 2.6
       Applied patch #3085195: Compile with local libphidget installation
       Updated unicapimage to Player 3.0 ThreadedDriver model.  Changed
unicapimage CMakeLists.txt to look for libunicap.pc.  Fixed bogus
assertion that was causing PlayerCam to crash.
       Applied patch #3088062: Player: Util playerv: Lower Z-Order for
map visualization
       Applied patch #3089823: ActArray acceleration config added
       Applied patch #3091932: Fixed unit conversions in sicklms200
       Fixed oceanserver compile errors against Gearbox 9.11
       Applied patch #3088069: Player: Introduce flip option to
hokuyo_aist.  Also added min/max angle flipping when the readings are
       Applied patch #3055958: Adds uncertrainty ellipsis for
localization to utils
       Forgot to add new source files from patch #3055958
       Changes to playercam: now supports MONO16 in addition ot MONO8
and RGB888 compression
       Update to playernav to use 6-element localize covarience matrix
       Applied patch to dynamically resize map_points array if it fills up
       New driver: wlanscan
       Applied patch #3134439: differential driver 2xPosition1d -->
       Applied patch #3134435: Lego NXT driver
       Removed hard requirement on libdbs_sd for libphidget drivers
       Applied patch #2948635: Extended Kalman Filter localization with
vector map
       Rangertolaser now publishes range and intensity measurements in
the same messages
       Added uint8_t* to recognized python array types, camera imagedata
now accessible from playerc python bindings
       Fixed bug #3137518: playerc_wrap.h requires #include stdint.h
       Fixed endian.h build error for OS X in NXT driver
       Fixed typedef build error for OS X in ekfvloc driver
       First pass at a stereoproxy for playercc
       sane initialization of frame counter
       Converted to Player-3.0 driver model
       Documentation and windows compile fixes
       Lots of documentation fixes
       Added cmake tutorial, restored automake tutorial, added plugin
interface tutorial
       Changed OS X Plugin makefile to build a .so instead of a .dylib
       Fixed playerc++ localize covarience, changed doc upload script to
reflect new SF project paths
       Applied patch #3175505: Player starts alwayson drivers before
listening to TCP ports
       Fixed CMake scripts for CMake 2.8.4
       Applied patch #3296942: diocmd clk signal generation ability
       Applied patch #3295824: libguile-based scripting engine for
Player server side
       Fixed casting bug in AIO log reading
       Applied patch #3305455: postgis and postlog building problems
with latest postgresql
       Applied patch #3305527: Solaris compatible patch again
       Fixed typo in PLAYER_REQ_CAPABILITIES definition, ran sed to fix
instances of typo, and added capability handlers to several drivers
       Re-ran sed without clobbering the svn internal files,
capabilities request typo should be sorted out now
       Added documentation to the playerprop utility
       Fixed capabilities typo in libplayerc
       New driver: kinect
       Updated documentation build system to doxygen 1.7, and added
custom css and layout files
       Changes to playernav: removed declarations from inside of
assert() calls (in case player is compiled with -DNDEBUG), and changed
behavior so it exits cleanly when connection to Player fails instead of
bombing on an assertion
       Applied patch #3308766: Exposes the c points from ranger into the
c++ code
       Fixed bug #3314514: rmp driver using canlib
       got rid of extra output during initialization
       Updated playersd to player 3.1, compiles again
       Added error checking to file opening code in wavefront, added
documentation for update_rate parameter in mricp
       Fixed sonar geom segfaults in readlog
       Added vmapfile format to vmapfile driver description, cleaned up
indentation in gridmap.h, addded a couple of comments to the
TimedRequest() function in libplayercore
       Applied patch #3317615: hokuyo_aist does not handle hardware
timestamps properly
       Applied patch #3363888: goto driver turns the long way really
fast sometimes
       Fixed bug #3365450: rmp driver has default max_yawspeed in degrees
       Added capability requests to roomba and create drivers. Added
position2d odometry set/reset to roomba and create drivers. Moved search
for canlib to searchforstuff.cmake Separated CAN functionality in
segwayrmp driver, driver can now build usb-only Added capability
requests to the segwayrmp driver
       Small fixes to roomba 500 odometry, fixes to roomba and create
set/reset odometry commands
       Applied patch #3385742: yet another compatibility patch
       Applied patch #3384865: hokuyo_aist: hw timestamps conflicts
       Applied patch #3389780: MacOSX compatibility patch
       Added CAPBILTIES_REQ define for backwards compatibility
       corrected incorrect spelling
       Applied patch #3392851: ptz sonyevid30 driver memory corruption
       Fixed bug #3394172: Fix to allow player to load plugins from
       Applied patch #3404769: int64_t values in 32-bits machines
       Fixed bug where playerc python bindings try to build when python
development libraries are not available.  Now checks for swig AND the
PythonLibs before trying to enable python bindings
       Applied patch #3420949: Adding Euler offset function to IMU
       Applied patch #3432662: Sparkfun Razor-IMU Driver
       Reject razorimu on windows, it requires termios.h
       Add includes to use struct timeval on windows
       Fixed Bug #3442143: bug in snd driver.  SND now uses config file
length and angle types
       Applied Patch #3464033: Fixing full state of RazorIMU
       Applied Patch #3436139: Fix typo in
       Documentation cleanup, added configuration requests up to mixed
       Added capabilities to wavefront
       Applied patch #3496741: libv4l2 webcam driver for Player
       Applied patch #3501698: MU solaris compatibility patch
       libplayerc++: RangerProxy now requests configuration and geometry
on startup
       libplayerc++: All saveframe() calls now use .pnm file format no
matter what the player compression state is. libplayerc will always
deflate the image and save it uncompressed
       Branching for release 3.1
       Applied patch #3494845: Generic XBow WSN nodes driver &
Cooperating Object Interface
       Merged r9095 into branch
       Applied patch #3532477: playerv uninitialised variable in
       Fix bug #3541173: Readlog incompatible with zlib 1.2.6
       flexiport driver fix for flexiport 2.0
       playerc++ documentation improvements
       Fix bug #3548545: Adding structure player_intprop_req Invalid def
file struct
       Applied patch #3555122: double-free issue fixed in powershot driver
       Applied patch #3566064: replace non-portable uint with uint32_t
       Applied patch #3595221: lack of header inclusion caused ntol
macro was not found
       Fix TIME_UTC macro for boost >= 1.50
       Enable player server daemonization on UNIX systems
       libplayerinterface: Fix dllimport/dllexport definitions
       Fixes for daemonization
       Fix compilation on clang
       Initial MinGW support
       Move timespec definition above first use
       More Windows build fixes
       Merge revisions 9097 to 9118
       Fix FSF Address in GPL and LGPL copyright notices.
       Add a global plugin directory outside of system library search path
       Fix off-by-one errors in ranger boundary checking
       Applied patch #665: Delete error in logfile reader
       Applied patch #666: GPS speed, course made good and time
       Applied patch #667: Minor patch for ND navigation driver
       Applied patch #668: Remove svn:executable property from C/​C++
source files
       Restore executable bit on scripts and utils
       Applied patch #669: Exception catched by value instead of by
       Removed from playerc++, which doesn't correspond to
any interfaces in Player
       Phidget RFID driver now compatible with phidget 2.1.8 library
       Applied patch #638: Add Ranger to VFH
       Convert GPS course reported by garminnmea from NED frame to ENU frame
       Ported ekfvloc to use eigen3 for matrix math, deleted non-free
TCL Matrix library (matrix.h was only free for educational and
non-commercial use).
       Applied patch #639: thread safety of playerc_client_writepacket
       Add explicit link to boost_system with boost_thread in boost
versions greater than 1.49.  According to the Boost documentation, boost
thread requires boost system as of 1.52, and the link was optional as of
at least 1.50.  Adding the link explicitly should fix some build errors
on newer distributions.
       Add support for hokuyoaist >= 3.0.0
       Applied patch #670: Camerav4l2 support for Logilink USB 2.0 Video
       Applied patch #347: Bug in laserrescan driver
       Applied patch #625: Offline path computations with wavefront
       Planner interface extensions: start position command and waypoint
path length
       Port interface and xdr generators to python 3
       Only build against statgrab 0.17 or less
       Remove deprecated OpenCV functions
       Port to boost::signals2
       Updated installation commands to use GNUInstallDirs
       Merge branch 'master' into release-3-1-patches
       Update version and changelog for 3.1.0 release
       Compile error fixes for erratic, nxt, and p2os
       Minor fixes for mingw32
       Update changelog date
       Update dependencies for libplayerinterface
       Update readme and contributing guidelines
       Make the doc sidebar slightly wider

Richard Vaughan (1):
       fixed small bug in writelog driver

Toby Collett (75):
       Applied patch 2854278: Exit on empty config file
       Applied patch 2858511: Uninitialized variable in
       Applid patch 2858751: writelog, readlog and dummy
       Applied patch 2859118: Add a timeout to a request from a driver
       Applied patch 2859422: Player SVN trunk: goto and globalize rq
forwarding issues
       applied patch 2859930: Player SVN trunk: silly typos in bitlogic
       applied patch 2861644: Player SVN trunk: bunch of new drivers to
implement AFSM's
       applied patch 2862998: Player SVN trunk: bunch of new drivers to
implement AFSM's part 2, new files
       applied patch 2862998: Remote driver doesn't catch errors thrown
in Disconnect
       applied aptch 2865388: playerc_read working incorrectly with data
alread on inqueue
       applied patch 2871074: Fixed segfault in PlayerClient::Connected()
       applied patch 2871554: Player SVN trunk: changes to camerav4l2
       applied patch 2875208: camera1394 additional set property message
       applied patch 2878824: The p2os driver doesn't report any
position changes
       applied patch 2878829: Forward port of checksum fix for p2os
       applied patch 2880788: Player SVN trunk: collective ranger patch
       applied patch 2887703: Player 64 bit install path
       applied patch 2887954: writelog assertations for wifi data are
too strict
       Applied patch 2888905: sphereptz driver
       added matlab/octave code form Markus Bader. This is not
integrated into the build system but may be useful.
       fix for mclient_peek from Michael Bienia
       applied patch 2891142: Player SVN trunk: gripcmd WIN32 compat
       applied patch 2891417: cvcam.c memory overrun failure
       applied patch 2892294: blobtracker - new driver
       applied 2893427: sphereptz compat with older 2.6 kernels
       applied patch 2893433: camerav4l2 RGBP mode
       applied patch 2895525: Enable 500k baud rate in
to support SICKS300
       didnt actually add the new files from the blobtracker patch
       reinstate the mbicp and nd drivers now we have confirmation of
       change license of ptu46 to LGPL
       applied fixed version of 2898272: Allowing
to accemp multile files
       applied patch 2901126: Fix for PTU46 in "await" mode
       applied patch 2927173: Partial doxygen doc fix
       applied patch 2929113: Ruby Bindings install directory
       Applied patch 2914674: camera_save_images for JPEG cameras
       applied patch 2923028:  requests on roomba opaque commands
       applied patch 2925359: New shell driver: opaquecmd
       applied patch 2926568: PhidgetsIFK Compilation Patch
       Fix timestamp intialisation in rflex sleep loop (thanks Giri)
       Applied patch 2933745: Opaquecmd error
       Applied patch 2933939: two bugs in afsm config examples
       Applied patch 2935385: Playerprint given number of updates
       Applied patch 2938899: roboteq add position1d interface and
motor_control_mode conf
       remove additional push_back that crept in with rev 7610
       Applied patch 2978343: memset in v4l2 driver
       Applied patch 2977971: add gstreamer camera driver
       Applied patch 2976583: blobtracker: overhead condition check removed
       Applied patch 2976557: sonyevid30: nasty bug fixed
       Applied patch 2974049: New driver: blobposition
       Applied patch 2973783: goto driver improvements
       Applied patch 2972780: new driver postlog some warning fixes
       Applied patch 2971895: cmdsplitter improvement
       Applied patch 2971619: roboteq add missing @endverbatim tag
       Applied patch 2966699: sphereptz: long awaited bug fix also
includes a missing file from an earlier patch
       Applied patch 2965602: roomba: bumplock problem on faster onboard
       Applied patch 2964666: buggy_geom option for sonartoranger driver
       Applied patch 2962789: blobtodio: hard to find bug fixed
       Applied patch 2962513: Player SVN trunk: new searchpattern
blobfinder driver also some missing files from an earlier patch
       Applied patch 2962489: camerav4l2: mislead comments
       Applied patch 2960672: camerav4l2: missing extern "C" in bayer.h
       Applied patch 2960594: Player SVN trunk: unhandled messages in
ranger related code
       Applied patch 2960374: New driver (speechcmd) and new option to
       Applied patch 2960235: New drivers for surveillance systems
       Applied patch 2955163: Player SVN trunk: one more QNX patch
       Applied patch 2950833: Player SVN trunk: epuck vs mricp
       Applied patch 2950807: Player SVN trunk: portio driver problem
with sys/io.h
       Applied patch 2948637: scale option for vmapfile
       Add support to MRICP for multiple lasers (patch form Tarek Taha)
       Fix incorrect device address in IR publish for khepera
       Fix missing _PKG_ in build variable
       bump artk plus version
       updates for artoolkipplus 2.2
       Add bracket that got lost when correcing variable name
       gz functions should use gzfile not file
       remove struct names from typedef in files generated for swig this
fixes many warnings and some potential errors on 64bit systems.

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