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Pioneer position within Gazebo

John Staton-2
Hello all,

I need to get the actual world position of a pioneer bot within the Gazebo
simulation.  I've found that currently getting the position from
SimulationProxy always returns the INITIAL position of the pioneer bot, and
never updates, and getting the position from the bot itself returns an
inaccurate position due to wheel slippage.  It appears there used to be a
TruthWidget that fulfilled this need, but that has since been discontinued.
I know the real world doesn't give you an accurate coordinate system, but
for the purpose of my research I need an accurate position within the Gazebo
simulation.  This question was asked somewhat recently, but never was
answered, so I'm dredging it back up again,

Hoping you all can help!

John H. C. Staton, M.S.C.S.
Ph.D. Student, GAANN Fellow, AAAI.UTA President (2010-2011)
Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of Texas at Arlington
Office: Nedderman Hall 247, 416 Yates Street
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