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Hi all,
I include in attachment a robot and its configuration file I created (a cylinder with 2 wheels + a castor).

All works but I have a problem if I launch playerv.
If I launch it and try to give to the robot a velocity through the "command", I didn't succeed to do it.
It isn't a problem of the subscribe because I imposed a velocity as little as possible.
With this little velocity, the robot try to move but it succeeds only to cover little distance. And it breaks then it overturns. I think it happens because the robot tries to move itself, the castor doesn't rotat, then it accelerates then it succeeds to overcame it and moves. Then, it gets up the castor but when it goes again on the ground the robot stops and so on.....

I have to say that I insert the wheels into the canonical body but I think that it is not a real problem.
I don't know if I have to insert some parameter that says to gazebo that a wheel can rotate without friction into a body.

I think the problem can from this or about some ODE's parameters.
Does someone help me?

Thanks a lot!

P.S. I know that it is a bad description but it's very difficult to describe with words. So, please try yo launch it....