I can't start Gazebo due to assertions

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I can't start Gazebo due to assertions

Paul Osmialowski

I can't start Gazebo due to assetrions. It happens to both 0.10.0 version
and SVN snapshot (both versions introduce themselves as 0.10.0):
$ gazebo pioneer2dx.world
Gazebo multi-robot simulator, version 0.10.0

Part of the Player/Stage Project [http://playerstage.sourceforge.net].
Copyright (C) 2003 Nate Koenig, Andrew Howard, and contributors.
Released under the GNU General Public License.

gazebo: /usr/include/boost/thread/pthread/recursive_mutex.hpp:72: void
boost::recursive_mutex::unlock(): Assertion `!pthread_mutex_unlock(&m)'

I am using Gentoo Linux on which Boost 1.35.0-r5 and Boost 1.41.0-r3 are
installed (slot install), while eselect tells that default Boost version
is 1.41.0-r3, cmake picked version 1.35.0-r5 for Gazebo.

Other libraries:
ode-0.11.1 single precision
ogre-1.6.5 (unmasked) single precision
fltk-1.1.9-r1 and fltk-2.0_pre6786-r1 (slot install) (cmake picked
1.1.9-r1, however cmake later ingored --cxxflags from fltk-config so I had
to set CXXFLAGS variable explicitely before running cmake)
bullet-2.75 (double precision set explicitely by doing:
emerge bullet)
nvidia-drivers-195.36.15 (for quite ancient GeForce 6200)
Player-3.1.SVN (installed in home directory, cmake did not take
LIBS/LDFLAGS from pkg-config so I had to set them explicitely, and yes,
PKG_CONFIG_PATH was set correctly)
freeimage-3.13.1 (compiled by hand from sources, missing freeimage.pc file
created by hand)


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