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Gazebo and robotics hands / arms


Dear Radu Bogdan Rusu,

First of all I would like to thank you for this quick answer.

As I am really interested with simulating hands and arms in any simulator and
I already tried in Gazebo - but so far without success.

I saw very impressive picture on your webpage of this robot with two arms and
simpe grippers. Good piece of work. Congratulation - wish to learn how to do
that. If you could show me some examples how you did these shelves and also
the arm (rotational joints) I would be really glad to see how that can be
done. Hmm do you have rotational joint along z axis ?

I tried some joints and for example still dont know how to make rotational
joint along Z axis and also how to simulate double joint in the same position.

Also just to evaluate possibilities in Gazebo I did simple planar arm and
tried to make touch sensor along it (somehow was done - simulating with
spring). But I still dont know whether is possible to make force sensor? Does
anyone of you guys seen any project who are using force sensor in Gazebo?
As in GraspIt is possible to get force information - but graspit has some
other limitations (no mobile platforms :( ) and very slow.

I am interested to do mobile manipulation in a simulator (if in gazebo it
cannot be done) - hmmm can you people in this list suggest any simulator that
it can be good for it :)

Best Regards

Zbigniew Wasik
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Re: Gazebo and robotics hands / arms

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Dear subscribers I sincerely want to know if any of you have tried your hands on robotic arm in gazebo . Whether you were successful in the same . What version of gazebo you used ,how you managed the player along with gazebo and all that stuff.I just want to move a robotic arm in gazebo or any other platform you may want to recommend.It would be really grateful if you could provide me a short working example along with the procedure to make it work.
Thanks in advance.
really hoping to get some helpful replies soon.