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We offer highly accurate, permission based only email and direct marketing data with full resale rights to the marketing industry.

We currently have the following databases available:

UK Business Email Database – 292k records

This is the most pro- active business to business email file available, containing the direct contact details of company directors.  The data has been fully verified over the last two weeks and only contains active and live email addresses.

Data fields:

ID - Record Identification Number

Status - The bounce status of the email address

Bounce Type - The type of bounce

Bounce Count - Number of times that the email address has bounced

Email - The email address (This is always present)

Registered - The date the record was registered on our servers

Organisation Name

Web Address

Prefix, Mr, Ms, etc - The salutation of the contact

Contact All Name - The merged version of the contacts full name

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Job Title

Full Address

Town or City



This database is available with full resell rights for £500

Hospitality Database – 12,300 records

Fully verified during December 2011.  Market sectors include but aren’t limited to: Accommodation, Bars, Breweries, Cafés, Clubs, Hotels, Late night venues, Sports venues, Pubs with rooms and Restaurants

Data Fields

Company name

Website address

Email address

Senior decision maker full name and job title

Full address

Telephone number

Fax number

Number of employees



This database is available with full resell rights for £500

UK database of schools and educational establishments

66,814 contacts
29,129 with email


Fully verified during November 2011.  A completely up to date and comprehensive database.


Data fields:

ID - Record Identification Number

URN number

School name

LEA name

LEA number

Establishment number

Full address

School type

Age range


Religious character

School capacity

Total number of children

Special classes


Nursery provider

Special measures

Fresh Start

Trust Flag


Urban / Rural

Sixth form

Headteacher – full name and title

Headteacher – preferred job title


Telephone number

Fax number

Email address

TPS status

FPS status

MPS status


This database is available with full resell rights for £500.

We don’t over sell our data sets in order to avoid saturation.  These particular databases will be sold a maximum of ten times each with resale rights.

You may purchase any of the databases individually for £500 each or purchase all three for a discounted rate of £1000 with full resale rights.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer then please reply to this email or call us on 0843 289 0979.


Address: 10 Spout Spinney Sheffield S6 6EQ

Kind regards

Sally Gaskell


To receive no further emails from us please reply to this email with ‘remove’ as the subject line.


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