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C++ client libs in CVS

Toby Collett
Hi all,
Just spent the last 6 or so hours updating various c++ proxies.
Unfortunately Ive been doing this away from any robots so while it
should all still compile I cannot garuntee it will function 100%.

Also some functionality that used to be in the C++  proxies (including
some whole proxies) are not available in the libplayerc. As the c++ lib
is now a wrapper around libplayerc for the moment Ive removed these
features to be added by people when and if they need it again (take note
anyone using segways)

Ill be porting a significant client app to player shortly and so that
should provide a good opportunity for me to test out the new proxies,
however that being said feel free to dig in and try them out.

So given a few days for the C++ client lib to settle down, what other
major tasks are left for the move to 2.0, or is it just the stragler
drivers and a whole lot of testing and bugfixing?


P.S. I have changed a lot of files (including player.h and libplayerc)
in the process so please all forgive me if I've broken anything.

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