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Another problem.

Kefei Zeng

Thanks to a maintainer who is on Reddit, I solved the problem I emailed you about on Friday. However, I have another problem at the 33% mark.

/home/charles/player-3.0.2/server/drivers/shell/ In member function ‘virtual void ReadLog::Main()’:
/home/charles/player-3.0.2/server/drivers/shell/ error: cannot convert ‘FILE* {aka _IO_FILE*}’ to ‘gzFile’ for argument ‘1’ to ‘off_t gzseek(gzFile, off_t, int)’
         ret = gzseek(this->file,0,SEEK_SET);
/home/charles/player-3.0.2/server/drivers/shell/ error: cannot convert ‘FILE* {aka _IO_FILE*}’ to ‘gzFile’ for argument ‘1’ to ‘char* gzgets(gzFile, char*, int)’
         ret = (gzgets(this->file, this->line, this->line_size) == NULL);
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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