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Actarray Controller problem

Rein Appeldoorn

I'm working on a project with player and gazebo. My Gazebo-models are already set up and now I want to control the joints of my models. In my model, there are 8 joints (hinges) that I want to move; therefore I would like to use the generic actuator array controller. When I set-up the joints like this:

"<joint:hinge name="hinge1">
            <anchorOffset>0 0 0</anchorOffset>
            <axis>1 0 0</axis>

And the controller like this:

"<controller:generic_actarray name="rod_hinge_controller">
        <joint name="hinge1">
        <interface:actarray name="rod_hinge_iface"/>
</controller:generic_actarray>" controlle

The model starts acting really weird and bounces away. Even when I do this with a single hinge, just a stator and a rotor, the same thing happens. Does anybody know how I can get this to work or is my approach totally wrong?

Thanks in advance!



- Gazebo 0.10.0
- Player v.3.0.2
- Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
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